8 Proven Ways To Optimize Your Website For Increased Web Conversions

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optimize your website for increased web conversions

Primary goal of any business, whether news agency, brands, freelancing, or social media is to generate sales. For this reason, websites play vital role at attracting potential buyer towards a landing page and convince him/her to web conversions. A strong marketing campaign can only be successful if it is properly “conversion-optimized”. This will earn you profits far beyond expectations. Web conversions are where a potential customer makes a purchase or fills out any necessary form to share value.

But this is not an easy task. Website optimization for conversion involves various tactical factors that should be carefully planned and executed. Deep knowledge and years of experience is required for successful sales. Many businesses collapse due to poor website optimization and failed strategic marketing tactics.

Here, we will discuss few proven ways to optimize your website to increase conversions.



Video Catapults Web Conversions

video website conversions

Videos not only entertain viewers but also serves in promoting any brand. It is the number 1 branding strategy that is being employed by most digital marketers these days. A recent study by Cisco reports about 82% of all consumer web traffic will be generated by video content. This means investment in the video content is worth the effort if you desire rising conversion rates.

If you are experiencing anxiety about not having the expertise to create videos, do not worry as there are a myriad of video creation tools that you can utilize to easily create videos to inform, educate and entertain your customers and lead to increased conversions. By meaningful text content, visuals and appropriate animations, there is no doubt inspiring customer to click a call-to-action button.


Remarketing To Pull Customer Back

Retargeting or remarketing

Often visitors window-shop or land on your website in search of information relevant to their search engine queries. You may have users who are ready to purchase but due abandon your website because the information is not helpful. You can bring these users back through remarketing and motivate them to conversions. Google, obviously, does the job well enough when it comes to remarketing.

Also, there are marketing professionals that run marketing campaigns that broadcast your brand to a larger audience. Though this does not guarantee bringing every customer back but at least your message will remain at top in their minds.


Unsatisfied Customer? Provide Money Back Guarantee!

money back guarantee

One of the greatest fears of a customer is losing money when he has bought a product and realizes it was a waste of money. But what if you could turn his fears into comfort and trust? Offering a money-back guarantee to customer builds trust, creates a loyal customer-seller relationship and increases chances for more organic searches and sales. This strategy will catapult web conversions. Even people do not ask for returning the cash, they will at least have the satisfaction that there is an opportunity to do so and this adds to overall customer satisfaction.


Introduce The Opt-In Forms

opt-in forms on a mobile device

A smart tactic to organic and authentic web conversions. Your prospects may not be ready to purchase your service/product as they are in the initial stages of the buying process. By welcoming visiting customers with an opt-in form and providing freebies, sales discounts you can create opportunities for users to return. These forms are there to gather only basic information of the visitor and store the data in a database for later accessibility and help in building up your customer’s contact list.

Ensure that your opt-in forms are carefully designed with the user’s experience in mind. Clean, simple and minimal-acquiring information form will appear easy to fill out by the customer.

Now, when your back-end working is complete, and you are ready to fly, your sales team can contact each customer in person through collected data by opt-in forms and tell them to pay a visit again and experience their business.


User Experience Counts

user experience design

When a customer visits your website, they are expecting the information delivered to him/her in plain and straightforward way, and without distractions. Unprofessional layout, misplaced elements, clustered typography and loads of text block will force the customer swiftly move to the next website. You do not want this to happen. What you can do is get the knowledge of customer’s concern about your product through target audience surveys and interviews etc. and then place the most important and relevant content atop of all elements.

When the user lands to your website, he will immediately find the answer he was looking for. This way the customer knows you are aware of his problems. This will in turn build customer trust and will lead to increased web conversions.


Focus On Your Scope

Web development scope

It is essential that your message is focused and targeted to a specific audience. This provides your web development the adequate scope in terms of design and usability. The central theme of content your webpages is distilled into keywords that will allow your site to show up in search queries. If your content does not contextualize your message properly you are hurting your chances to rank on the first page of Google or Bing as search engines will rank websites that have the immediate and right answers to customer’s problems.

If your scope is not clearly defined, your chances for website visibility and exposure to larger audiences by the search engines. Concentrate on your text, imagery, and design elements to be in harmony and directing towards one specific scope.


Mobile-Friendly Website

mobile friendly website

Most users across the world experience the web using mobile phones. Its speed and portability have crossed limits to get any information on few touches. Websites are now converting to mobile-friendly design and while developing the website, developers remember the thumb rule of “mobile first” development.

Since large audiences are constantly online making purchases via mobile devices or having engagement on the social media, ignorance to the website development according to the mobile design would damage your business goals to a much greater extent.


Think About Your Ideal Customer

customer experience

You should have a clear picture of who your ideal customer is and how your product or service solves their problem. This begin by creating customer experiences that provide users visiting your site with a clear path to access information and make a decision. If your website does not conform to modern web design standards and does not tell the story to your ideal customer, you are ruining your chances at increased conversions as they will easily get frustrated and navigate away to other options. To let customer digest every bit of information, you need to let customer stay focused, connected and concentrated on your website.

Visual storytelling plays a vital role in retaining audience’s attention and generating sales. According to a number of psychological studies, people tend to process visual content faster than text. Place your images and videos strategically in your website to maximize engagement, retention and in turn, increase web conversions.



Website optimization for increased conversion involves several factors out of which few have been discussed. Careful planning and thorough research are required to achieve the goal.

Follow-up customer increases chances to clear their ambiguity, product branding through video not only helps remembering the content longer but also educates them visually, adding a small caption of money-back guarantee develops ever-growing customer trust and loyalty, minimal opt-in forms collects basic visitor information to later utilize for the sales, clean and simple website layout enhances the user’s experience, removing unnecessary videos, texts and other content cleans up your website that helps faster page loading.

These tips are not limited but can be modified, expanded, and replaced depending upon which type of business model you have and what approach suits your business marketing better. But these proven ways are the foundation of optimizing yours or any others website to increase web conversions.