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We All Love “Pretty” Things

Successful brand design must be attractive, seductive and most of all, effective.

Successful branding naturally gets recognition from its target audience and holds a significant mindshare with any mention of the brand in media. One thought experiment would be to look at what most people associate with the word “Amazon”.

The word, “Amazon” might incite the idea of the Amazonians from the DC universe. It may also remind you of Jeff Bezos and his multinational e-commerce behemoth. These are all brand identities that are represented by the collective visual elements of their respective brands, thus reinforcing the emotions and values behind a brand. These visual elements are carefully designed to create an emotional connection between the brand and its audience.

However, branding is a double-edged sword and if executed incorrectly can negatively affect your company’s identity and reputation in the marketplace. In this case, something as simple as changing a logo the wrong way can become a PR nightmare for your organization, and Amazon experienced a near-death brand experience when it updated its app logo and drew huge online criticism for its visual similarity to a hugely despised historical despot.

This is why it is important that your brand goals are fully aligned with your values so that the visual expression of your brand delivers and connects with your intended audience. Contemporary audiences have evolved beyond ostentatious messages and visual gimmickry. Audiences have shorter attention spans and expect the eye to capture insight immediately; therefore, your brand messaging must be concise and easy to read.

Well-designed media optimizes the value of your message by eliminating distractions, allows the audience to see important aspects more quickly, and places elements in the proper perspective.

Audiences also know that user experience matters! Complicated systems and transactions can be confusing and will ultimately obfuscate the product’s intent. Our designs transform complex into simple and deliver meaningful and memorable experiences leading to long-lasting user engagement.

Brand Identity

Our Brand-centric design approach helps you define your brand identity for the market, either for the first time, as a refresh or a full rebrand.

Brand Reputation Management

We utilize state-of-the-art digital tools to track your brand's online reputation, respond to reviews about your business and reinforce your brand's level of trust.

Brand Activation

We create engaging and experience-based brand activation designs to boost sales. Our aim is to ensure your brand activation campaigns have long-lasting impact on your customers.

Graphic Design

Our sleek and modern graphic designs will address all your marketing needs, from day-to-day social media posts to large and national campaigns.

User Experience Design

Our UX Experience design approach focuses on the essential design and technical elements to create intuitive customer service experiences.

Packaging Design

We consult with you to fully understand how we can design packaging to reflect your unique brand. Our collaborative design process ensures you will select the best packaging design for your product.

Free Consultation

We understand the difference between a good and a memorable brand design. Our experts specialize in analyzing the purpose of your brand, break it down into simple objectives and use those as a base to create a visual identity that’s unique in every sense.

As adept digital marketing experts, we also have a wealth of experience in developing your brand story through multiple digital channels, creating unique and memorable experiences and nurturing lasting brand relationships with your intended audience. Embark on this epic journey of creating your unique branding story by contacting us for your brand consultation today.