Top Digital Marketing Trends For 2021 and Beyond

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Digital marketing has completely reshaped itself over the past year. Terms like voice search engine optimization (VSEO), data-driven marketing, and artificial intelligence did not bear heavy significance on users outside the digital practice; however their collective significance was reevaluated during the pandemic as companies scrambled for innovative methods to reach out to their customers beyond the traditional means.

According to the 2021 Gartner State of Marketing budget report, there has been a 6.4% drop in marketing budgets a percentage of company revenue in 2021 compared to 11% in 2020. The demand for innovative digital marketing practices is higher than ever and this article discusses a few of the latest trends in detail.

AI optimization in digital marketing

artificial intelligence digital marketing

Although implementation of artificial intelligence in marketing campaigns is not always as fluid as marketers would like, there is no denying that it has significantly impacted the digital marketing landscape in the last few years. The technology powers several services including search engines, chatbots, and even online content.

A recent PWC study noted that 52% among 1,000 companies in the U.S. accelerated their AI adoption plans, which only proves the effectiveness of this strategy. But why is it so important?

  • Analyzing customer behavior– AIs can analyze customer search and buying patterns. It also utilizes the data from social media platforms to help businesses understand how consumers find their products and optimize those delivery channels.
  • Writing reader-friendly content– Jarvis is one of the many AI-powered software that generates original creative content that readers love to consume. Jarvis was taught by SEO experts, which means it can produce search engine-friendly posts.
  • Search engine optimization– Google relies on search engine algorithms to sort through billions of web pages to fetch the perfect copy for its readers. Previously reliant on keywords, Google can now better understand queries and deliver content based on the ‘search intent’ instead of only keywords.

Key Takeaway

Businesses that implement AI will have an advantage over the competition, will experience faster growth, and reduce staff costs at the same time. AI is the first step to analyzing the ever-increasing consumer data on the internet.

The need for programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising
Flat isometric vector concept of programmatic advertising, social media campaign.

Programmatic advertising relies on AI to automate the ad buying process. Here is a simple explanation:

  • Step 1– User clicks on a webpage.
  • Step 2– Website publisher puts up ad impression for auction.
  • Step 3– The ad marketplace (Google ads) holds an auction among the advertisers competing for that impression.
  • Step 4– The winner gets to display their ad on the website.
  • Step 5– Ad reaches the prospective customers.

Manual ad campaigns cannot compete with such efficiency. They only consider 4 to 5 targets such as time of day, keywords, and location.

Programmatic advertising can utilize hundreds of targeting signals such as lifestyle, online browsing patterns, buying history, and much more. It can accurately reach a wider audience and is cost-effective.

Key Takeaway

Although manual advertising campaigns are still viable, given the upsides of programmatic advertising, it is only a matter of time before it takes over; the earlier you incorporate it into your digital marketing strategy the better.

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