11 Innovative Ways To Use Digital Marketing To Grow Your Business

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Innovative Ways To Use Digital Marketing

In an ever-increasing digital market where, consumers are bombarded with marketing messages at every digital channel they interact, the idea of successfully competing for your customers’ attention can be daunting. What was once a lawless frontier of anything-goes eye-attracting tactics has become boiled down into systems and patterns that payoff for businesses that are attentive enough to capitalize on the changing times. Businesses must constantly update their strategies to remain in competition on the vast space of the internet. Here is a list of digital marketing techniques essential to staying up to date and on top of the marketing game.



Web Design

good web design equals good digital marketing

The first thing anyone sees when visiting a website is the design. Creating a captivating and smooth user experience is key to generating consistent visitors and the first pillar in your digital marketing strategy. Users will expect a modern website and fast load speeds to ensure they find what they are looking for quickly. Spend time on professional website design or hire out a well rated designer that can implement features for mobile versions of your website that take advantage of the unique mechanisms of the platform. A good website should be easy to use without sacrificing any of the brand’s identity.


Digital Advertising

Nearly every website on the internet runs some form of ads on it; this is a key element in digital marketing today. They generate passive revenue by existing and have potential gains for anyone those ads link to. It always pays to have ads running through Goggle’s services, or on Facebook. Consider your main clientele and where they are most active and turn every banner into a link straight to your brand’s landing page.



Of all the ways you can use digital marketing to revolutionize your business, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important by far. SEO is the term that refers to where your web site shows up when people search for similar terms. These keywords are used to refer to your website through its niches and specific topics and can be inserted onto the website via its content, or its back-end coding. Learn what keywords and keyword combinations work best to ensure your website reaches a high spot in the rankings on every search.



search intent optimization


Search Intent Optimization(SIO)  involves primarily what users are thinking, digital marketers can leverage this for great results for their companies. It also helps in understanding the the reasons why users are discovering your business, using a different set of keywords more common to SEO. Your digital marketing strategy should combine both SEO and SIO practices together to be the first result found while also being the main website people intend to find when they search for a business like yours.


Social Media Marketing

digital advertising

Nowadays everyone is on social media, which is good for anyone trying to find new customers. Interactions on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram drive viewership to a business’ main source. By engaging on these platforms, customers will be able to talk directly to your company, giving praise or highlighting their experiences which can then be shared with others, creating a continuous stream of feedback where everyone is talking about your brand and will greatly boost your digital marketing presence.


Content Marketing

Content marketing is also a very important aspect of digital marketing as generating content is key to staying relevant. This means making new digestible media for customers to view with the aim of drawing them in to see more and do more. This includes things like blogs and regular updates and can go all the way up to videos produced on other platforms. Video sharing websites, primarily YouTube, allow anyone to upload content. It is hard to find new things there, but for businesses with an established base of support, customers can go there to see the newest videos or even live streamed events from the brand they follow.


Email Marketing

email marketing

Nothing beats a classic. Back when the internet was just new, people were already finding ways to drive influence and positive client generation through emails. The instantaneous free message exchange platforms are the default method of communication online. The key to generating positive turnaround through email is to offer more customized experiences for users. Spam folders have existed just as long as email marketing has for a reason. Do not rely on machine generation for email campaigns.




A major way to promote your business using digital marketing is to promote yourself. People are more drawn to individuals, entrepreneurs and actual faces than they are to generic words offered on behalf of a company or corporate board of directors. Make yourself stand out. This works for the individuals who own and operate everything by themselves or even small teams. Bigger businesses can highlight the individuals who support their infrastructure from top to bottom, the everyday workers and the regular lives of the major financial players that keep things running smoothly.


Digital Marketing Partnership Programs

partnership program

Engaging with other businesses as a business is fairly common. There are new kinds of business on the internet, though. Famous people are willing to sell the service of their presence as “influencers” to talk up and help sell for a business in exchange for a fair contract or rate. These influencers have audiences of their own, as well as customers and clients who they can convince to become your customers as well. Offering partnerships and sponsorship deals to these influencer and content creators lets them do the marketing for you, putting eyes on your business while they expand their own brand.


Brand Storytelling


Speaking of brands, none are more important than yours. And why is that? That is something you should tell your customers first. Establish who you are and build the human story of what your brand represents. Why your business started, where it all began, the triumphs of success and even the lows of failure. Bridge the relatable stories that everyone can resonate with customers who will want to support you more knowing the full story of your business.


Human Connection

human connection in digital marketing

The lockdown caused by the pandemic has had numerous side effects, one of which being the unintended separation of people from contact with one another. People are naturally drawn to other people, and that sense of community has been deprived. The best thing a business can do is offer that same, familiar sense of humanity to others. It is easy to be a nobody on the internet, to be faceless and just another set of data in the open space, but it is much more effective to be recognized as a person. The more you can appeal to that natural sense of drawing people together, the more they will, and they will be happy to do business with you the way they are used to.